A delegation from Ka Dorbar Ki Khlieh Nongsynshar Ka Ri Hynniewtrep visited Langpih

16 07 2012
A delegation from Ka Dorbar Ki Khlieh Nongsynshar Ka Ri Hynniewtrep(comprising of Federation of Khasi States; Sirdarship; Ka Dorbar Ki Dolloi)  led by Bah John F Kharshiing, Co-Chairman, Meghalaya State Planning Board, & Chairman, Ka Dorbar Ki Khlieh Nongsynshar Ka Ri Hynniewtrep, visited Langpih, Hima Nongmynsaw, on 13 July 2012 to express their serious concern on the present situation in Langpih especially the deteriorating health conditions of the citizens who have undertaken an indefinite fast since 30 June 2012, demanding resolution of the vexed Inter-State Meghalaya –Assam Boundary Dispute.
Not aware of the decision to call off the indefinite fast, the delegation had left early morning, and on reaching Nongstoin only did they read in the local Newspapers, the decision to call off the hunger strike, however, the Chiefs decided to proceed onwards to Langpih to access the situation on the ground level.  
On reaching there the delegation found that a large number of people had gathered  as it was also a local market day.
On meeting Pynskhemlang Nongshlong, and others, and on enquiring about their health condition they were surprised that they were still continuing with the indefinite fast contrary to the earlier news report. Their health condition was not encouraging and was likely to take a serious turn if they did not at least for the moment suspend their fast.
While appreciating and congratulating the ‘bravehearts and children of the soil’, Bah John F Kharshiing, Chairman, Ka Dorbar Ki Khlieh Nongsynshar Ka Ri Hynniewtrep, admitted that through their indefinite fast they were able to draw the attention of the State and the Center, inspite of the fact that their was a presidential election going on, their agitation has moved the entire state, he however, urged them to suspend their fasting as it was already 13 days and that the Chiefs were anxious and could not keep quite considering their failing health condition. He suggested suspension of the agitation so as to give the state government some time to re-work their strategies as the latest situation was that Assam Government did not accept a fresh Boundary Commission.
He also informed that there is possibility of things to clear up as to the status of the Khasi States and their Boundary, due to the recent decision by the National Commission for Schedule Tribes, (NCST) through its order of 26 April 2012, which has directed the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, to look into the non-fulfillment for last 66 years of the Instrument of Accession and Annexed Agreement of 15 Dec 1947 and 17 August 1948, which was accepted by the Government of India and signed by the 25 Khasi States, and stated that this treaty was also related to the Boundaries of the State both with Assam and Bangladesh. It would also ensure clarity as to the other Khasi States such as the Nongmynsaw Stateship, which was yet to be recognized.
He distributed and read out the letter of recognition dated 27 tarik December 1873, by the representative of (Her Majesty, the Queen of  England) Governor General’s Agent, North Eastern Frontier, who had officially recognized u Khing Syiem, Hq. Boko, as Syiem of Nongmynsaw Stateship, and the letter mentions inclusion of Langpih Area.
U Bah John F Kharshiing, stated that all over the boundaries of the traditional institutions are in a state of limbo, he stated that Elaka’s under  Dolloi Darang, Dolloi Nongtalang, Dolloi Jowai, Dolloi Satpator, Dolloi Narpuh, in Jaintia Hills and many areas and villages under the States of Hima (State) Khyrim, Hima Nongstoin, Hima Mawiang, Hima Sohra, and others were wrongly drawn under earlier East Pakistan now Bangladesh. He remined the people of the struggle against the ‘infamous intrusion of Bangaldesh” into Pyrdiwah Village, under Raid Mukertila , Hima Khyrim.
Another difficulty faced by the people along the Border is the lack of understanding of Hindi or Punjabi as the BSF could not speak in Khasi.
He urged the individuals led by Pynskhemlang to temporarily suspend their indefinite fasting, so as to allow the State Government to sincerely pursue the issue given the fact that new stratergies had to be worked out between Meghalaya and Assam.
He called on the State Government to fine tune the official communication between the District Boko(Kamrup) officials the DC West Khasi Hills District and the local Village and State officials of Hima Nongmynsaw, so as to ensure safety to life to the citizens, including facilitation of developmental activities.
Bah John F Kharshiing, Co-Chairman, Meghalaya State Planning Board, & Chairman Grand Council of Chiefs of Meghalaya, called on the State Government to notify constitution of Meghalaya International & Inter-State Boundary Management Council whose mandate is to look into the vexed International and interstate boundary problems and which include the Chiefs of the Khasi States.
Besides John F Kharshiing, Chairman, Ka Dorbar Ki Khlieh Nongsynshar Ka Ri Hynnirewtrep, the delegation included Bah NK Lyngdoh, Lyngdoh of Hima(State) Mawphlang, u Bah H Skhemlon, Sirdar Hima(State) Mawdon(from Border Bangladesh), & Secretary, Federation of Khasi States,  Bah Hamphrey Lyngdoh Ryntathiang, Lyngdoh Hima(State)  Lyngiong, & Joint Secretary, Federation of Khasi States, Bah Nassar Syiem, Sirdar Hima of Jyrngam, u Chawas Lyngdoh, Dolloi of Elaka Raliang President, Ka Dorbar Ki Dolloi, U Manbha Kyndoh, Dolloi of Elaka Narpuh(Border Bangladesh), Bah Livingstone Thangkhiew, Basan Nongkseh, Hima Mylliem, u Bah M Pathawlariew, Myntri Hima Mylliem, u Bah W Wartynghah, Myntri Hima Mylliem, Bah S Wankhar, Hima Khyrim, and Bah S Lyngdoh, Hima Nongstoin.
Bah John F Kharshiing,
Chairman, Ka Dorbar Ki Khlieh Nongsynshar Ka Ri Hynniewtrep,
Spokesperson, Federation of Khasi States,
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