Launch of Youth Peace Fest 2014 in New Delhi

2 02 2014



Youth Peace Fest 2014-Aims to build a Culture of Peace among Youth

7 billion reasons for Peace by Prem Rawat, an International Peace Ambassdor

Youth Peace FestNew Delhi, 2nd February:  With ever increasing life pressures on youth from work, study, and technology, “Youth Peace Fest” was launched in an initiative focusing on the peace and wellbeing of young people on Sunday. More than two lakh youth gathered at the mega event and were addressed by an internationally known peace ambassador Prem Rawat.

As nowadays, young people face some of the most difficult conditions impacting wellbeing, including the constant distraction of always on technology, peer pressure and long hours of work, to really enjoy life. With this idea, “Youth Peace Fest” was born out of a sense of wanting to build a culture of peace. It is a step towards redressing the balance and bringing attention to the individual’s need for peace in one’s busy lives.


The theme of the fest was “7 Billion Reasons for Peace” the number representing the population of humanity, with each person being an important reason for peace.

Speaking on the launch of Youth Peace Fest in India, Prem Rawat stated that, “Peace is not a luxury. It’s not an option. It is fundamental to the existence and well-being of a human being to have peace in their life. Some say peace is the absence of war; some say peace is when you are free from all the problems of the world. Peace is more than political peace. Peace is a fundamental experience of existence within every single human being.”

Elucidating the importance of individual art of peace Mr. Rawat further said that, “There are 7 billion reasons for peace that could define the conduit of world citizens and can make the world a better place to live together. Embracing a new paradigm of a peaceful world, I believe Indian youth could be best benefitted from this fest and could learn to contribute back to their societies.”

Rawat in his work always focus to reach out to people and introduce them to a possibility of peace that lies within each one of them. In his vision that peace is a fundamental need of each individual, the Prem Rawat foundation helps to make his message of peace available throughout the world and funds two proprietary programs, The Peace Education Program and the Food for People program.

The fest aimed at building a culture of peace by developing individual capabilities and endurance. With the central endeavour to improve the quality of human life, Prem Rawat is presenting the possibility of peace for those who wish to pursue it. As an extension of a global campaign, this fest will soon be organised in other parts of India. 

It aimed bringing an inspiring message of hope as well as a call to action.  Glimpse of the event on you tube:


The event will be broadcast on the largest LED screen in India and recorded for television to be broadcast globally at a later date.


The event partner is The Times of India Foundation.


http: or For more details, please reach out to us at email: or call us at +91-9899292465, +91-9811982069.

About Prem Rawat

Prem Rawat is a respected international speaker, attracting audiences from all walks of life. The honorary title “Peace Ambassador” has been granted him by a number of governmental and academic institutions because of his ability to inspire audiences to see personal peace as a possibility for everyone. Born in December 1957 in rural India to a prominent family, Prem left his native land at age 13 to travel to Europe and America, with the desire to bring a message to the world. His driving ideal was to present to every person, an optimistic vision of life, a vision of peace, both individually and collectively. This ideal continues as strongly today, some four decades later.


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